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A metrics library for PureScript inspired by the Haskell library ekg. It is a wrapper upon the JavaScript metrics library which itself is a port of the Java Dropwizard metrics library.

API documentation can be found in Pursuit.

Sample Usage

main = do
  store <- newStore
  counter <- createOrGetCounter "counter" store
  gauge <- createOrGetGauge "gauge" (pure 3) store
  hist <- createOrGetHistogramWithExponentialDecaySampling "hist" 1028 0.015 store
  meter <- createOrGetMeter "meter" store
  timer <- createOrGetTimer "timer" store
  Counter.inc counter 2
  Histogram.update hist 1.2
  Histogram.update hist 2.1
  Meter.mark meter
  Timer.update timer (Milliseconds 1000.0)
  launchAff $ sample store >>= logShow