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{- Copyright 2012 Abhinav Sarkar <> -}
{-# LANGUAGE MultiParamTypeClasses #-}
module AStar (astar) where
import qualified Data.PQueue.Prio.Min as PQ
import qualified Data.Set as S
import qualified Data.Map as M
import Data.List (foldl')
import Data.Maybe (fromJust)
-- | A* algorithm: Finds a path from initial node to goal node using a heuristic function.
astar :: (Ord a, Ord b, Num b) =>
a -- ^ The start node
-> a -- ^ The goal node
-> (a -> [(a, b)]) -- ^ The function to get the next nodes and their
-- costs from a given node
-> (a -> a -> b) -- ^ The heuristic function to estimate the cost of
-- going from a give node to the target node
-> Maybe (b, [a]) -- ^ Nothing if no path found. Else @Just (path cost, path)@
astar initNode goalNode nextNode hueristic =
astar' (PQ.singleton (hueristic initNode goalNode) (initNode, 0))
S.empty (M.singleton initNode 0) M.empty
-- pq: open set, seen: closed set, tracks: tracks of states
astar' pq seen gscore tracks
-- If open set is empty then search has failed. Return Nothing
| PQ.null pq = Nothing
-- If goal node reached then construct the path from the tracks and node
| node == goalNode = Just (gcost, findPath tracks node)
-- If node has already been seen then discard it and continue
| S.member node seen = astar' pq' seen gscore tracks
-- Else expand the node and continue
| otherwise = astar' pq'' seen' gscore' tracks'
-- Find the node with min f-cost
(node, gcost) = snd . PQ.findMin $ pq
-- Delete the node from open set
pq' = PQ.deleteMin pq
-- Add the node to the closed set
seen' = S.insert node seen
-- Find the successors (with their g and h costs) of the node
-- which have not been seen yet
successors =
filter (\(s, g, _) ->
not (S.member s seen') &&
(not (s `M.member` gscore)
|| g < (fromJust . M.lookup s $ gscore)))
$ successorsAndCosts node gcost
-- Insert the successors in the open set
pq'' = foldl' (\q (s, g, h) -> PQ.insert (g + h) (s, g) q) pq' successors
gscore' = foldl' (\m (s, g, _) -> M.insert s g m) gscore successors
-- Insert the tracks of the successors
tracks' = foldl' (\m (s, _, _) -> M.insert s node m) tracks successors
-- Finds the successors of a given node and their costs
successorsAndCosts node gcost =
map (\(s, g) -> (s, gcost + g, hueristic s goalNode)) . nextNode $ node
-- Constructs the path from the tracks and last node
findPath tracks node =
if M.member node tracks
then findPath tracks (fromJust . M.lookup node $ tracks) ++ [node]
else [node]