Adds travis CI integration.

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# Use new container infrastructure to enable caching
sudo: false
# Choose a lightweight base image; we provide our own build tools.
language: c
# GHC depends on GMP. You can add other dependencies here as well.
- libgmp-dev
# The different configurations we want to test. You could also do things like
# change flags or use --stack-yaml to point to a different file.
- ARGS=""
- ARGS="--resolver lts-2"
- ARGS="--resolver lts-3"
- ARGS="--resolver lts"
- ARGS="--resolver nightly"
# Download and unpack the stack executable
- mkdir -p ~/.local/bin
- export PATH=$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH
- travis_retry curl -L | tar xz --wildcards --strip-components=1 -C ~/.local/bin '*/stack'
# This line does all of the work: installs GHC if necessary, build the library,
# executables, and test suites, and runs the test suites. --no-terminal works
# around some quirks in Travis's terminal implementation.
script: stack $ARGS --no-terminal --install-ghc install
# Caching so the next build will be fast too.
- $HOME/.stack