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  Jonathan Daugherty 2b3f4e4f5f Bump version, update changelog 2 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 2b326e6b78 API: postRootId is now a Maybe PostId 2 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 57438d1bd6 API: MinCommand: add fields for reply parent and root post IDs 2 years ago
  Getty Ritter b15d868721 Allow empty CommandResponseType values 2 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty a7cff7115c Merge branch 'develop' into feature/bulk-channel-fetching 2 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 924ae2db00 Update changelog, bump version 2 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty a1caa2dacf WEData: cope with null channel_id field 2 years ago
  Jason Dagit 82816491d6 add data constructor for emoji_added 2 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 1974a1250a Bump cabal version in cabal file due to use of extra-doc-files 2 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty e2be1d33a5 Update changelog, bump version 2 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty f4f5f355e6 API: add awareness for "last" preference category to PreferenceCategory type 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 1e8400a955 Add bulk fetching for channel/user data 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty b6ab04092b package: correct binar lower bound 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty a6c64a3ad8 cabal: add detail on binary bound 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 2f5fc1f22c Increase binary lower bound to avoid websocket build failure on GHC 7.10 3 years ago
  Getty Ritter bc5a0a3998 Added channel_viewed and channel_updated events 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 163825c2ca Update changelog, bump version 3 years ago
  Getty Ritter f51614dccc Merge branch 'master' of github.com:matterhorn-chat/mattermost-api 3 years ago
  Getty Ritter 6d95ee8058 Add mmGetFlaggedPosts endpoint 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 6bf9137dad Improve LoginFailureException message format 3 years ago
  Kevin Quick 86c47813d6 Do not log actual password on login request. 3 years ago
  Getty Ritter 393567d8f4 Fix endpoint typeo in mmUnflagPost 3 years ago
  Getty Ritter af7abb3be5 Added corresponding delete/unflag endpoints 3 years ago
  Getty Ritter b9cade2386 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:matterhorn-chat/mattermost-api 3 years ago
  Getty Ritter d4693d2718 Added Preference and FlaggedPost types & endpoints 3 years ago
  Kevin Quick 7d1f7589ef Add seek-to-end for logging operations in case logfile is shared. 3 years ago
  Getty Ritter 869748a3d6 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:matterhorn-chat/mattermost-api 3 years ago
  Getty Ritter 17aefc5ddf Added PostType type for post, uh, types 3 years ago
  Kevin Quick 66316c4f77 Fix capitalization to read Mattermost. 3 years ago
  Kevin Quick 5d924601e5 Fix capitalization for mattermost in README 3 years ago
  Getty Ritter e7b9552dc1 Replace mention type with set of user ids 3 years ago
  Getty Ritter 5fb63a36e8 Added mentions field to websocket events. 3 years ago
  Getty Ritter 3c1c4e0cbb Made basically everything in PostPropAttachment optional 3 years ago
  Getty Ritter c1c9c7d66b Allow null for "fields" value 3 years ago
  Getty Ritter 78bc1976de Swap Haskell list for Seq in attachment fields 3 years ago
  Getty Ritter f591fe6d58 Added other fields to PostPropAttachment 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 8908e78bed Bump version 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 40da516b46 Update changelog 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 7a14bd9ec0 Tests: stale import 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 3c04cb6274 RELEASES: mention Hackage upload 3 years ago
  Getty Ritter 6f21fbec86 Make `created_at` field optional + default it to 0 3 years ago
  Kevin Quick c79684d1a7 Fix test imports for Types.Internal addition. 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 0a90476288 Merge pull request #33 from thebendavis/fix-import-types-internal 3 years ago
  Ben Davis 86f5843f9a Fix import: Internal.Types -> Types.Internal 3 years ago
  Kevin Quick 98ea3de5be Remove commented import. 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 4e0068953d Merge pull request #32 from matterhorn-chat/add_InternalTypes 3 years ago
  Kevin Quick 8bd5bf958c Rename to Types.Internal and Types.Base 3 years ago
  Kevin Quick cffbc46214 Move ConnectionData to Internal.Types (and added BaseTypes). 3 years ago
  Kevin Quick cac1965641 Move from Mattermost.InternalTypes to Mattermost.Internal.Types. 3 years ago
  Kevin Quick 9ef207c503 Initial InternalTypes addition to designate stuff not intended for normal client use. 3 years ago