A terminal client for the Mattermost chat system
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This is a basic terminal-based client for the MatterMost chat system.


The easiest way to build it is to use the provided install.sh script, which requires git and an appropriate ghc/cabal installation. It will pull the appropriate repos and build the sandbox in the appropriate way.

If you want to, you can also run the install process manually. You’ll need both the matterhorn repo and the mattermost-api repo, neither of which are currently in Hackage. Clone both of them to an appropriate place:

$ git clone git@github.com:matterhorn-chat/mattermost-api.git
$ git clone git@github.com:matterhorn-chat/matterhorn.git

Move into the matterhorn directory, create a new sandbox, add the mattermost-api package as an extra dependency, install the dependencies, and build the package:

$ cd matterhorn
$ cabal sandbox init
$ cabal sandbox add-source ../mattermost-api
$ cabal install
$ cabal build


Right now, configuration is manual. An example configuration file can be found at sample-config.ini. Matterhorn will prefer config.ini in the current working directory, but will look in the typical XDG configuration directories (you’ll probably want to use $HOME/.config/matterhorn/config.ini) and as a last resort look for a globally-accessible /etc/matterhorn/config.ini.


You can often use built-in keybindings or /cmd-style commands. To see available keybindings and commands, press F1 or run the /help command.