33 Commits (master)

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  Jonathan Daugherty 27240dcd77 sample config: expand on relative path handling for theme customization files 2 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty fa6b6fa839 Config: add themeCustomizationFile option 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 7780679871 Make editing indicators configurable 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 95dad51f4a Add config option to set width of channel list 3 years ago
  Kevin Quick d5f1667dd0 Add showBackgroundActivity configuration to enable displaying when and/or how much background activity is pending. 3 years ago
  Getty Ritter dd10dcea64 Add scary unauthenticated connection option 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty a930b68dbd Add support for interactive URL-opening commands (fixes #266) 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty d7b186c03a sample-config: use better method for getting aspell dictionary list 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty b8826810fc Add config option to specify Aspell dictionary 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty f3cce8a047 config: add enableAspell setting, default False, for enabling spell-checking 3 years ago
  Kevin Quick b5e8d30d7d Fix capitalization to read Mattermost. 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 4872862232 Make "port" config setting optional and default to 443 (fixes #160) 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty aee5949e5b sample-config: comment out default smartBacktick setting for consistency 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty adcc9e2d8a Prompt the user when the config specifies no hostname (fixes #150) 3 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 7b941bbbd1 README: document OS X Keychain setup procedure (fixes #127) 4 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 35ed01e53a sample config: turn off passcmd by default 4 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 43438cdc65 Sample config nit 4 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty b61ae5664d Add "dateFormat" config option for date transition formatting 4 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 1d0599fc1e Add support for message previews 4 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 555f9522c2 Include "_" in smart character set 4 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty a151044bf2 Generalize smart backtick support to include "*" 4 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty f47bc743d4 Add configuration option and behavior for ringing the terminal bell on new messages (fixes #98) 4 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 8ad44a83f9 Add C-o and config option "urlOpenCommand" 4 years ago
  Jason Dagit 367f8ef9eb make smart editing of backticks configurable 4 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty 97dc2df6d5 Update sample config 4 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty f8eca5c25c Add a built-in light theme, make the theme configurable in the config file and via /theme (fixes #31) 4 years ago
  Tristan Ravitch 4d56b388c0 Add a sample passcmd for Linux 4 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty e263f1e4f2 On invalid config team, prompt interactively 4 years ago
  Jonathan Daugherty e16d2a69cc Support configuration option for setting the timestamp format string (fixes #17) 4 years ago
  Getty Ritter 5d9002f0de Some fixes and clarifications to sample-config.ini 4 years ago
  Getty Ritter 3244ac87c6 Sample INI-based configuration 4 years ago