UI improvement. Made the game full screen

Abhinav Sarkar 10 years ago
parent d5f8f6702c
commit d78ff03952

@ -6,17 +6,47 @@
<!--[if lt IE 9]>
<script src="http://html5shiv.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/html5.js"></script>
<style type="text/css">
body {
font-family: monospace;
#ball {
fill: orange;
#rpaddle, #lpaddle {
fill: rgb(108, 182, 108);
#state {
font-size: 1.5em;
text-align: center;
#canvas {
border: 2px green solid;
<div>FPS: <span id="fps"></span></div>
<div>State: <span id="state"></span></div>
<div>Score: <span id="score"></span></div>
<div>Velocity: <span id="vel"></span></div>
<svg style="border: 1px black solid" id="canvas">
<circle id="ball" />
<rect id="lpaddle" />
<rect id="rpaddle" />
<div id="screen">
<div id="state">press any key to start</div>
<svg id="canvas">
<circle id="ball" />
<rect id="lpaddle" />
<rect id="rpaddle" />
<div style="float: left">score <span id="score">0</span></div>
use W-S keys to move the left paddle and Up-Down arrow keys to move the right paddle
<div style="float: right"><span id="fps">0</span> fps</div>
<!-- pointing to cljsbuild generated js file -->
<script src="js/frpong.js"></script>

@ -54,12 +54,13 @@
[(+ x (* vel-x tick)) (+ y (* vel-y tick))])
(defn ^:export frpong []
(let [width 800
height 400
(let [body-el (.-body js/document)
width (- (.-scrollWidth body-el) 20)
height (- (.-scrollHeight body-el) 125)
padding 5
paddle-size 100
paddle-width 10
ball-radius 5
ball-radius 8
ball-speed 0.33
init-pos [(/ width 2) (/ height 2)]
init-vel (let [sgn #(if (< % 0.5) -1 1)
@ -135,7 +136,7 @@
(collision-detector (tap ticks-m) (tap pos-m) (tap vel-m)
pl-pos-sust pr-pos-sust (tap game-state-m) game-state vel)
(renderer (tap ticks-m) (tap game-state-m) (tap pos-m) (tap vel-m) (tap pl-pos-m) (tap pr-pos-m))))
(renderer (tap ticks-m) (tap game-state-m) (tap pos-m) (tap pl-pos-m) (tap pr-pos-m))))
(defn ticker
"Ticker component.
@ -248,25 +249,31 @@
"Renderer component.
Renders the ball and paddle positions on the browser. Also shows the game state and stats.
Reads the current values from the signals supplied as parameters."
[ticks game-state pos vel pl-pos pr-pos]
[ticks game-state pos pl-pos pr-pos]
(let [ball-el (dom/by-id "ball")
state-el (dom/by-id "state")
score-el (dom/by-id "score")
lpaddle-el (dom/by-id "lpaddle")
rpaddle-el (dom/by-id "rpaddle")
fps-el (dom/by-id "fps")
vel-el (dom/by-id "vel")]
(let [fps (/ 1000 (<! ticks))
[x y] (<! pos)
[state score] (<! game-state)]
(dom/set-text! fps-el fps)
(dom/set-text! state-el (name state))
(dom/set-text! score-el score)
(dom/set-text! vel-el (<! vel))
(doto ball-el
(dom/set-attr! "cx" x)
(dom/set-attr! "cy" y))))
fps-el (dom/by-id "fps")]
(go (loop [fps-p nil state-p nil score-p nil]
(let [fps (int (/ 1000 (<! ticks)))
[x y] (<! pos)
[state score] (<! game-state)
state (condp = state
:moving "Playing"
:collision "Playing"
:gameover "Game Over")]
(when-not (= fps fps-p)
(dom/set-text! fps-el fps))
(when-not (= state state-p)
(dom/set-text! state-el state))
(when-not (= score score-p)
(dom/set-text! score-el score))
(doto ball-el
(dom/set-attr! "cx" x)
(dom/set-attr! "cy" y))
(recur fps state score))))
(dom/set-attr! lpaddle-el "y" (<! pl-pos)))