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Abhinav Sarkar 9 years ago
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@ -101,7 +101,7 @@
The signals are taken as parameters."
[frames game-state pos vel pl-pos pr-pos]
(let [ticks (chan) ;; tick signal
ticks-m (mult ticks) ;; mutliplexers for all signals
ticks-m (mult ticks) ;; multiplexers for all signals
pos-m (mult pos)
vel-m (mult vel)
pl-pos-m (mult pl-pos)
@ -128,7 +128,8 @@
"Ticker component.
Converts `frames` signal to ticks and outputs them to the `ticks` signal
as long as the `game-state` signal is not :gameover. Once the `game-state` signal is
:gameover, stops the `frames` signal hence stopping the entire game."
:gameover, stops the `frames` signal hence stopping the entire game.
Each tick is the number of milliseconds since the last tick was generated."
[frames game-state ticks]
(let [ticks-in (tick-chan (diff-chan frames))]
(go (loop []
@ -148,7 +149,12 @@
pos-next (next-pos (<! pos-in) (<! vel) tick)]
(>! pos-out pos-next))))
(defn paddle-positioner [keycodes pos-in pos-out]
(defn paddle-positioner
"Paddle Positioner component.
Captures the keydown signal for the provides keycodes and calculates the next paddle
position using the current paddle position (from the `pos-in` signal) and keydown signal
and outputs it to the `pos-out` signal."
[keycodes pos-in pos-out]
(let [keys (key-chan keycodes)]
(let [pos (<! pos-in)]