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import sys
import re
from collections import deque
from collections import defaultdict
from levenshtein import levenshtein
alphabet = "etaoinshrdlcumwfgypbvkjxqz"
def read_post(post_file_path):
with open(post_file_path) as input_file:
return input_file.read().strip()
def read_dictionary(dictionary_file_path):
with open(dictionary_file_path) as dictionary_file:
dictionary = set()
for line in dictionary_file:
return dictionary
def bucket_dictionary(dictionary):
buckets = defaultdict(set)
for word in dictionary:
return buckets
def words(text):
return re.findall("[a-z]+", text.lower())
def splits(word):
return [(word[:i], word[i:]) for i in xrange(len(word) + 1)]
def deletes(word_splits):
for a, b in word_splits:
if b:
yield a + b[1:]
def replaces(word_splits):
for a, b in word_splits:
if b:
for c in alphabet:
yield a + c + b[1:]
def inserts(word_splits):
for a, b in word_splits:
for c in alphabet:
yield a + c + b
def edits(word):
word_splits = splits(word)
for w in deletes(word_splits):
yield w
for w in replaces(word_splits):
yield w
for w in inserts(word_splits):
yield w
def align_dictionary(word, dictionary, buckets):
for w in buckets[word[0]]:
yield w
for (c, ws) in buckets.iteritems():
if c == word[0]:
for w in ws:
yield w
def find_edit_distance(word, dictionary, buckets):
if word in dictionary:
return (word, 0)
#print word
#print "mutation"
mutation_limit = 1
queue = deque()
queue.appendleft((word, 0))
words_checked = 0
current_ed = 0
while len(queue) != 0:
(w, edit_distance) = queue.pop()
for e in edits(w):
words_checked += 1
if (edit_distance + 1) > mutation_limit:
current_ed = edit_distance + 1
raise StopIteration
if e in dictionary:
print "M: %s -> %s: %s" % (word, e, edit_distance + 1)
#print "Words checked = %s" % words_checked
return (e, edit_distance + 1)
#print "%s. %s: %s" % (i, e, edit_distance + 1)
queue.appendleft((e, edit_distance + 1))
except StopIteration:
#print "Words checked = %s" % words_checked
#print "SEARCH %s" % word
words_checked = 0
current_min = 1e38
nearest_word = None
for entry in align_dictionary(word, dictionary, buckets):
if abs(len(entry) - len(word)) > current_min:
words_checked += 1
d = levenshtein(word, entry)
# print "%s: %s" % (entry, d)
if d < current_min:
current_min = d
nearest_word = entry
if current_min == current_ed:
#print ">> breaking"
#print "current_min = %s" % current_min
#print "Words checked = %s" % words_checked
print "S: %s -> %s: %s" % (word, nearest_word, current_min)
return (nearest_word, current_min)
def score_post(post, dictionary, buckets):
#print post
corrections = {}
score = 0
for word in words(post):
if word in corrections:
#print "Found in corrections: %s" % word
(correct_word, edit_distance) = corrections[word]
(correct_word, edit_distance) = find_edit_distance(word, dictionary, buckets)
corrections[word] = (correct_word, edit_distance)
score += edit_distance
return score
if __name__ == "__main__":
dictionary_file_path = "/var/tmp/twl06.txt"
dictionary = read_dictionary(dictionary_file_path)
print score_post(read_post(sys.argv[1]), dictionary, bucket_dictionary(dictionary))