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  Abhinav Sarkar b84100980e Adds feed icon for notes 4 months ago
  Abhinav Sarkar 6cc135ee0a Adds h-entry microformat support 5 months ago
  Abhinav Sarkar 40c6bb3d77 Adds projects page 6 months ago
  Abhinav Sarkar 4ea880cc65 Moves notes to top of home page 7 months ago
  Abhinav Sarkar 8339121607 Adds link to notes on homepage 7 months ago
  Abhinav Sarkar c7b5b58c67 Adds notes to navigation and home 7 months ago
  Abhinav Sarkar 9df968d94f Removes XL photos from home page 8 months ago
  Abhinav Sarkar 62a02666e4 Adds random images section on home page 8 months ago
  Abhinav Sarkar 2db3158aea Adds random images section on home page 8 months ago
  Abhinav Sarkar 0d90221d1c Adds some a11y features 9 months ago
  Abhinav Sarkar a515b718a0 Adds subscription form 1 year ago
  Abhinav Sarkar a68f0a72db Moves feeds to .atom from .xml for correct content type 1 year ago
  Abhinav Sarkar f8a7041458 Adds links to the photos page 1 year ago
  Abhinav Sarkar cfeb25c02f Replaces fontawesome icons with SVGs 1 year ago
  Abhinav Sarkar 490c24e54c Adds about section in index 1 year ago
  Abhinav Sarkar e448f82c96 Fixes post header style on home page 1 year ago
  Abhinav Sarkar e607611ff0 Restyles post headers. 1 year ago
  Abhinav Sarkar 82f772f695 Reduces the number of posts on index page to three. 1 year ago
  Abhinav Sarkar f7a0221037 Makes article title in the homepage a link 1 year ago
  Abhinav Sarkar e9c2e7aeb8 Adds better link coloring 2 years ago
  Abhinav Sarkar 8cb63934d3 Adds recaptcha to comment form 2 years ago
  Abhinav Sarkar 5f83ccf958 Reduces no. of posts on home page to 3 2 years ago
  Abhinav Sarkar ad936d5003 Makes feed an icon, moves into main from nav 2 years ago
  Abhinav Sarkar 67ed3e2b43 Adds font-awesome icons 2 years ago
  Abhinav Sarkar 7a8a322063 Adds post separaters on home page 2 years ago
  Abhinav Sarkar 03629624f5 Adds post teasers on home page 2 years ago
  Abhinav Sarkar c68c8302fd Initial website setup 2 years ago